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  Our company , established in 1994 , former Jiangxi Lite Stone Co., Ltd. , specializes in stone business and we have supplied granite , marble , slate , quartzite and sandstone to many lines of stone usage, such as construction, road and tombstone . We have a slate factory in our province . Our main export products are : Granite and Marble Tile and Slab , Slate Tiles & Slabs , Quartzite Tiles , Sandstone Tiles , Stacking Stones and Stone Handiworks.

​  Following the principles of Quality First, Delivery Promptly and Prestige Highest , we have the close connections with our customers . We will continue to abide by the principles and be able to offer you better service, lower prices and superior quality . Although new technology has created a variety of artificial products , it is to certain that they can not be compared with the beauty and richness of natural stone .

  Please visit us or call us for any information you might need . We can confidently assert that any business with which you may favor us will afford you the fullest satisfaction .